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McConkey Auction Group has partnered with EBlock to bring you MAG Now Digital Auctions. EBlock is the premier remarketing technology platform for independent auto auctions, delivering an online auction experience that increases efficiencies for buyers, sellers, and auctions alike.

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MAG NOW Digital Live Auctions

Weekly Wednesday Sales

Start Time: 1:00 PM

This EBlock platform delivers the buying and selling experience you find in the physical lanes. MAG Now features:

  • Run lists
  • Verified CRs
  • Multiple lanes running simultaneously on one screen
  • Vehicle sales every 60 seconds
  • Title processing
  • ACH payments
  • Transportation services
  • Notifications when reserves are met

October Incentives


  • $50 per unit when 3 or more are purchased per sale date
  • $50 per unit when transporting 100-250 miles
  • $100 per unit when transporting over 250 miles

SELLERS: One $0 Sale Fee for every unit you BUY during the same week’s MAG Now Live Auction!


What Sellers are Saying

“We love selling on MAG Now! MAG has completely simplified the selling process and made it streamlined to where it saves us a ton of time and money. The MAG Now team are pros, they make the wholesale process easy. That’s why you can find product from all three of our stores for sale every week on MAG Now.” – Rick Shafer, Tom Denchel Ford Hermiston & Prosser | Hermiston Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

“Save yourself the time and money – simply hand the keys over and let them do all the work. It truly is that easy! No running around trying to get your vehicles prepped or having to figure out transport. Just sit back and enjoy watching your vehicles sell. With the added free time, maybe even buy a few!” – Cody Goll, Findlay Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Request a Demo

Thanks for your interest! Email to request a MAG Now demo.

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Inventory Preview Hours

Call for location-specific hours: 253.737.2345

NOTE: When dropping off consigned vehicles at our locations, please follow onsite drop-off instructions.