DAA Northwest Rock & Roll Sale

August 25th & 26th, 2021

2215 S Hayford Rd | Spokane, WA 99224 | P: 509.244.4500


Private Party & Concert for Invited Guests – No Public Admittance

Concert Tickets

Licensed, Registered DAA Dealers – Concert Ticket Access Codes were emailed Thursday afternoon, August 12th. Be sure to follow the instructions for downloading and bring your tickets (either on your smartphone or printed) with you to the concert. Tickets will be required for entry, and they can’t be duplicated or re-used.

Let’s Rock!

Dealers: Redeem Ticket Access Code

A Note from Collin McConkey, General Manager

It’s BACK!

DAA Northwest’s 26th Annual Rock & Roll Sale is happening, and we couldn’t be happier. This event gives our team the chance to serve you, our customers, in a big way. It’s a way for us to say thank you and to have fun together; it’s a great time to turn your aged inventory into cash and to freshen up your frontline.

I hope you’ll make plans to join us this Wednesday and Thursday, August 25th and 26th for our signature promotional event.  PLUS get ready to have more fun than you’ve EVER had at work as Barenaked Ladies take the DAA Stage Wednesday night!

Collin McConkey
DAA Northwest General Manager

Schedule of Events —

Lane Schedule & Lot Map | Shuttle Schedule

Wednesday Sale

August 25th | 600 Units

  • 11:00 AM Dealer and Fleet/Lease Sale
    • LANE 1: Ford Motor Company and Ford Credit – 50 closed / 30 open
    • LANE 1: Hyundai Motor Finance & Kia Motors Finance – 45 units
    • LANE 1: Group Wholesale – 75 units
      • $500 drawing every 5th unit sold!*
    • LANE 2: McWilliam Auto – 150 late-model trucks & SUVs (running in-lane)
      • $700 drawing every 7th unit sold – PLUS – Wednesday buyers qualify for McWilliam’s $15,000 post-sale drawing Thursday!*
    • LANE 3: Premium Canadian Seller Group – Scougall Motors, Frontline Enterprises, and Fort Corral Auto Sales – 125 late model trucks & SUVs
      • $500 drawing every 5th unit sold –  PLUS – $10,000 post-run drawing!*
    • LANE 4: McCurley Integrity Dealerships – 125 units
      • $100 drawing every 10th unit sold –  PLUS – $500 mid-way drawing AND $500 post-run drawing!*
  • 1:00 PM MAG Now Digital Auction 
    • LANE 5: Dealer to dealer units offered via EBlock

*Must be present in-lane or online to win.

Rock & Roll Party and Concert

Wednesday Evening, August 25th

  • 6:00 PM Concert Gates Open!*
    • Private event for invited guests only. Please – no children, pets, cameras, outside beverages, or chairs. Open seating will be provided for a limited number of guests
    • Complimentary appetizers in the auction arena
    • PLUS: David’s Pizza, El Jefe Burrito, The Barbecue Pit, and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in our food court on the east side of the auction arena
    • Two free tickets for wine and/or beer per guest
    • Non-alcoholic beverages will be free all evening
  • 7:30 PM The Cronkites get things rocking
    • Enjoy our favorite house band!
  • 9:00 PM Barenaked Ladies take the DAA Stage
  • 10:30 PM Concert and Party concludes
    • DAA shuttles provide dealer guests with complimentary ground transportation to area hotels

*See above for concert ticket information

Thursday Sale

August 26th | 2700 Units

  • 9:00 AM Auction – Showcasing the region’s best dealer consignment and featured institutional accounts

    Featured Dealers & Promotions:

    • 1X & 1Y Premium Promo Groups – Canadian late models in Lanes 1 & 1.5
      • $500 drawing every 5th unit sold!*
    • Kelowna Ford Lincoln & Landmark Management – Canadian late models in Lane 2 (2X 6-15, 84-98, 160-174)
      • “Drive to 5 Promo” – $500 drawing every 5th unit sold!*
    • McWilliam Auto – 250 units in the 2Y Group (running in-lane)
      • $700 drawing every 7th unit sold – PLUS – $15,000 post-sale drawing (all McWilliam buyers from Wednesday and Thursday qualify)!*
    • 3X & 3Z Groups
      • Buy for your chance to win part of up to $10,000 in post-sale jackpot drawings!*
    • Teton Toyota – Running units in the 3X & 7X Groups
      • $250 drawing every 3rd unit sold!*
    • Gee Automotive Companies – 100 units in Lane 5 (5X 1-100)
      • $500 drawing every 5th unit sold – PLUS – $7,500 post-run drawing OR $15,000 if ALL units are sold!*
    • Grace Motors – 120 units in Lane 5 (5X 101-220)
      • $1,000 drawing every 5th unit sold!*
    • CAL Cars – Running units in the 6X Group
      • $50 Back-Up Bidder Bucks on every CAL vehicle sold!*
  • Thousands in post-sale prize drawings*

*Must be present in-lane or online to win.

Get to Know Barenaked Ladies

Over the course of 33 years, the Toronto quartet has sold 15 million records worldwide and built up an arsenal of hits such as “If I Had $1,000,00,” “One Week,” “Pinch Me,” and “The Big Bang Theory Theme.” Widely acknowledged as one of the best live acts on the planet, BNL has hosted a cruise (“ships and Dips”), had its own ice cream flavor (Ben and Jerry’s “If I Had a Million Flavors”), won eight Juno Awards in Canada, and in 2018 was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

The band has recently released a new album, “Detour de Force.” “Flip” leads the album as the buoyant and sonically adventurous first single, reflecting many of the flips and changes we’ve all experienced in the past year! BNL’s Ed Robertson says the song “is about being open to other perspectives. We try to write songs that move us, that are big. I think this is a song that’s going to be a real energy moment in the live show.”

Barenaked Ladies will rock invited guests from the DAA Stage for 90 minutes Wednesday evening, August 25th.

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