A MAG Update

We know the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented hardship for all of you. Trying to anticipate and react to the evolving unknown is exhausting. We are all doing our part to stay safe while fighting to keep our businesses afloat. These are times truly like none other.

Although we don’t know what lies ahead, we can rest assured there will be a post-pandemic future for us all.  There are signs of fewer infection cases along with a gradual reopening of the U.S. economy. In the coming weeks, we will all be able to resume auto sales at some evolving level and will begin to rebuild our businesses.

We have seen growing demand on our MAG EBlock digital platform every day this week. Most of the demand has come from dealers outside Washington State who are able to openly retail cars and trucks.

MAG will continue its strategy of offering fresh inventory from Seattle and Spokane every day on the EBlock platform. Additionally, starting next Thursday, April 30th we will begin weekly Simulcast-only sales in Spokane. We have a tentative plan to conduct our first weekly Simulcast-only sale in Seattle Friday, May 8th.

Our priority is public safety. We can operate limited Edge Simulcast auctions along with our daily EBlock sales with a small crew who adhere to the CDC safety guidelines we have all become so familiar with. This will be the beginning of a phased approach to a gradual reopening. It will most likely be a while before we can invite dealers to our lanes for a traditional auction.

We are now in the process of upgrading the quality and quantity of our vehicle condition reports. We will increase our level and frequency of communication to you as we begin to roll out our interim strategy in more detail.

These are unprecedented times, but we are all resilient. We will get through this and come out the other side tougher and stronger for it.

Stay safe!

Bob McConkey
President & CEO
McConkey Auction Group