DAA Northwest's 29th Anniversary Sale & Fundraiser

November 11, 2021

9:00 AM Sale Start Time with donation opportunities before, during, and after the sale. DONATE HERE!

2215 S. Hayford Rd | Spokane, WA 99224 | P: 509.244.4500

In accordance with Washington’s current mask mandate, face coverings are required indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

A Note from Collin McConkey, General Manager

Every company knows WHAT they do, whether it is selling hamburgers, shoes, or in our case cars. Most organizations know HOW they do it. But not many organizations know WHY they do what they do every day. The WHY isn’t about generating revenue, that is a result. The WHY is a purpose or belief that drives us to get up and work as hard as we can. You as dealers know WHAT we do, you know HOW we do it, but our Anniversary Sale is the time where we share with you WHY we do what we do. At MAG, WHY we strive to be the best auction is so we can support people. We focus on you our dealers, our employees, and our community. We want to be the best place our employees can work, the best auction you can go to for your business, and support local non-profit organizations. It’s all about the people for us.

That focus is on everything we do, but we like to bring more attention to it during our Anniversary Sale and we ask for your help supporting four of our longstanding non-profit partners: Vanessa Behan, Young Life, Union Gospel Mission, and Spring of Hope International. Cheers to 29 years of DAA Northwest! We have been at it for a while and think that is worthy of celebrating together as we focus on our WHY. Come join us for a great sale as we turn the page on another year of doing business together.

Collin McConkey
General Manager

Event Overview

Anniversary Sale:

Anniversary Fundraiser:

  • Post a donation to your DAA account, bring cash, or write a check to help raise funds for Vanessa Behan, Union Gospel Mission, Young Life, and Spring of Hope International
  • Want to donate NOW instead?  CLICK HERE TO DONATE
  • DAA Northwest will match all funds raised

Anniversary Sale Fundraiser

Since its inception, DAA Northwest’s Anniversary Sale Fundraiser has provided a total of $1.8 million to Spring of Hope International, Union Gospel Mission, Vanessa Behan, and Young Life.

    |   Special thanks to ServNet for supporting this year’s fundraiser.

As in past years, DAA Northwest will match all contributions. 

Donate Now

Spring of Hope International

Current Initiatives:
  • Bringing clean water systems, latrines, and health and sanitation training to 41 public schools in western Kenya (serving approximately 15,000 primary and secondary-age children).
  • Drilling wells and providing biosand filters that deliver clean, fresh water. Currently, about 27,500 people in SOHI’s area of concentration within western Kenya must walk more than a kilometer for clean water.
  • Teaching improved farming techniques and providing irrigation to communities in western Kenya. Already, demonstration plots have produced a yield 10 times that of previously farming efforts.
Spring of Hope

Union Gospel Mission

Current Initiatives:
  • Providing food and shelter in Spokane. Currently, 1,500 people in our region are homeless; 1 in 7 struggles with hunger daily, and 1 in 4 children experience chronic food shortages at home.
  • Breaking the cycle of addiction. In 2019, 44 men, 136 women, and 84 children were welcomed into UGM’s recovery programs.
  • Providing employment training and opportunities. Employment is key to fighting homelessness – it goes far deeper than drawing a paycheck to cover food and housing. UGM provides job coaching, computer access and assistance, childcare, and classes to help people prepare for, find, and keep fulfilling careers.
Union Gospel Mission

Vanessa Behan

Current Initiatives:
  • Providing immediate refuge for children and support for struggling families, including 24-hour childcare, parent education, crisis counseling for parents, and referrals to other community agencies.
  • 25% of families served report unstable housing (living in shelters, on the streets, or with friends).
  • Nearly 90% of families served live a or below the Federal Poverty Level with over ½ earning less than $10,000 annually.
Vanessa Behan

Young Life

Current Initiatives:
  • Inviting young people to experience life as God designed it to be lived. 
  • Serving students in over 20 Spokane Area high schools and middle schools.
  • Welcoming and mentoring teen moms and children with special needs. 
Young Life

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