Guam GSA Sales

The public and licensed, registered auto dealers are invited to participate in GSA Public Vehicle Auctions facilitated by DAA Seattle. DAA Seattle hosts GSA Public Vehicle Auctions in Auburn, Washington and administers online GSA Public Proxy Bidding Vehicle Auctions in Hawaii, Guam, and Alaska.

GSA Rules & Policies

Please read GSA Internet Terms and Conditions before participating in GSA Public Auctions. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all information regarding payment and vehicle removal.

Guam Proxy Bid GSA Public Auction

Next Sale: TBD

Sale Number: TBD

Bidding Opens: TBD

Bidding Closes: TBD

Vehicle location unless otherwise noted:

Guam SASP/Office of Procurement

148 Route 1 Marine Drive
Piti, Guam

All vehicles are sold as-is where is

  • No claims
  • No arbitration
  • Condition unknown
  • Parts may be missing & repairs may be needed
  • Drive ability and run ability unknown

Public Viewing: TBD

No public auction attendance during the sale; public bidding and buying are online-only. Register and bid online at Preview inventory at

5-minute Soft Close Rule Applies

Any bid within the last 5 minutes of the auction extends the bidding on that item 5 minutes. Please refresh your browser or press the F5 function keyboard shortcut to view the most current bids

Sale Catalog (PDF)

Open Recalls (PDF)

GSA Internet Terms and Conditions

GSA Terms and Conditions for Internet Sales in Alaska, Guam, American Samoa, and the Trust Territories of the Pacific Islands

GSA Terms and Conditions for Fixed Price Sales

Registration & Bidding: 

To register and bid with GSA, register online at a minimum of one day before Sale Day. Also, please download and complete the DAA Seattle GSA Registration Form and fax or email it to DAA Seattle – Fax: 253.737.2201 / Email:

Payment & Vehicle Pickup:

  • Payment is due 2 business days from the time and date of the award email notification of sales results.
  • Online buyers who pay with credit card(s):
    • It is the cardholder’s responsibility to verify available credit as well as any restrictions that may cause a card to be refused
    • If a credit card is refused, the purchaser will be required to pay with a different payment method
    • If the vehicle is picked up in person, the purchaser must have a valid government-issued ID (driver’s license, ID), as well as the credit card(s), used when picking up vehicles purchased.
    • If the purchaser is not picking up the vehicle(s), he or she must provide a notarized letter authorizing the release of the vehicle(s). The notarized letter must include:
      • Year, make, model and VIN of the vehicle(s) purchased
      • Name of the individual or transport company picking up the vehicle(s)
      • A copy of the credit card(s) used
      • A copy of the buyer’s driver’s license
  • Purchases must be removed within 10 days of the sale. Failure to remove purchased vehicles within 10 days can result in sale default/cancellation and/or storage charges
  • PAYMENT CLAUSE: This clause of the SF-114C is supplemented by the GSA Auctions Terms and Conditions to add a payment timeframe of 2 business days from the time and date of the award email notification of sales results.
  • Property must be removed within ten (10) calendar days from the date and time of award email notification. For vehicles located at a GSA Fleet contracted auction, buyers must make arrangements with the auction house to store vehicles at the auction facility for additional time, but this agreement is between the buyer and the auction house and the buyer assumes all risk of damages and costs associated with storage.
    • If the Award Amount is less than $875.00, the Liquidated Damages Fee will be equal to the Award Amount
    • If the Award Amount is $875.00 and greater, the Liquidated Damages Fee will be $875.00


Zachary Lewis
P: 253.737.2228


Credit Card transactions have a daily limit of $24,999 per transaction.

All credit card and debit card payments are processed through the Department of the Treasury’s system. The new daily limit for credit cards will automatically be enforced through the system. If cardholders exceed the daily limit, a message will indicate that the maximum daily limit has been reached and the payment will be rejected.

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