DAA Seattle GSA Sales

The public and licensed, registered auto dealers are invited to participate in GSA Public Vehicle Auctions facilitated by DAA Seattle. These monthly sales are located in Auburn, Washington.

To register, download and complete form below and fax or email it to DAA Seattle – Fax: 253.737.2201 / Email: zlewis@magauctions.com.

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GSA Rules & Policies

Please read GSA Internet Terms and Conditions before participating in GSA Public Auctions. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all information regarding payment and vehicle removal.

Seattle Proxy Bid GSA Public Auction

Monthly Sale

Next Sale: TBD

Start Time: 9:00AM (PT)

Location: DAA Seattle, 3130 D Street SE, Auburn, WA



To register and bid with GSA, register online at fleetautoauctions.gsa.gov. Also, please download and complete the DAA Seattle GSA Registration Form and fax or email it to DAA Seattle – Fax: 253.737.2201 / Email: zlewis@magauctions.com.

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*No in-person attendance during the sale; bidding and buying are online-only.


Zach Lewis
P: 253.737.2228
E: zlewis@magauctions.com 


Credit Card transactions have a daily limit of $24,999 per transaction.

ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT: GSA Auctions is only accepting credit cards and wire transfer payments until further notice. This supersedes the Forms of Payment section of the Terms and Conditions. All credit card payments are processed through the Department of the Treasury’s Pay.gov system. The new daily limit for credit cards will automatically be enforced through the Pay.gov system. If cardholders exceed the daily limit, a message will indicate that the maximum daily limit has been reached and the payment will be rejected.

PAYMENT CLAUSE: This clause of the SF-114C is supplemented by the GSA Auctions Terms and Conditions to add a payment timeframe of 2 business days from the time and date of the award e-mail notification of sales results.

Property must be removed within 10 calendar days from the date and time of award email notification. For vehicles located at a GSA Fleet contracted auction, buyers must make arrangements with the auction house to store vehicles at the auction facility for additional time, but this agreement is between the buyer and the auction house. The buyer assumes all risk of damages and costs associated with storage. The purchaser agrees that in the event he or she fails to pay for the property or remove the same within the prescribed period of time, that the purchaser can be found in default.


  • If the Award Amount is less than $875.00, the Liquidated Damages Fee will be equal to the Award Amount
  • If the Award Amount is $875.00 and greater, the Liquidated Damages Fee will be $875.00

Please read all GSA Internet Terms and Conditions before participating in any GSA Internet Sale.

GSA Terms and Conditions for Fixed Price Sales

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