Market Insights: Strong Sales & MAG Now Growth

September 20, 2021 | Market Insights from DAA Seattle’s Dave Blake.

What a week we had with our MAG community of customers and sale offerings. Thank you to all our consignors and buyers that supported three very successful Pacific Northwest sales last week.

MAG Now generated record sales, converting over 50%, DAA Northwest’s Montana Days sale included over 1400 units with a 73% conversation, and DAA Seattle finished the week with a solid sale just shy of 600 units converting over 73% also. None of this works without the support of you, our dealer community. We have made a commitment to meet our customer base where they are in respect to selling and purchasing vehicles. Across all sales we noticed elevating prices, increased attendance, and higher sales percentages.

This past week, we welcomed the Swickard Automotive Group to our growing MAG Now dealer community. We’re now staging Swickard product for previewing at DAA Seattle starting on Mondays; units will be available on MAG Now Wednesdays at 1:00 PM. We also opened our MAG Now Portland compound, allowing dealers to preview MAG Now inventory every week. Whether you want to be in-lane, online via Simulcast, or strictly digital with MAG Now’s EBlock technology, we’ve got you covered. And don’t miss out – ask us about our September transportation assistance incentives on all MAG Now purchases!

This week we expect another week full of opportunities and we will continue to dedicate our energy to serving the Pacific Northwest dealer community. This business is evolving, but we know one thing remains the same: car people are resilient and adaptable.

Let’s sell some cahs!

Dave Blake, General Manager
DAA Seattle