Market Insights: ABS’ Technology Migration to EBlock is Just Around the Corner

June 1, 2021 | Market Insights from ABS Auto Auctions’ Steve Boyes.


As the month of May came to a close, the team at ABS was very excited about the in-depth training we have been receiving from EBlock’s staff.  The migration to the new platform is a huge undertaking. We are learning fast and are grateful to the coaches from EBlock for their passion and dedication.


While our team has been learning a new system, we have also had the simultaneous task of continuing with business as usual by selling cars on our current platform. Bidding activity and dollar amount were higher in week 4 over the previous week by nearly 8%. While all the districts are performing well, we want to particularly recognize that Silicon Valley continues to consign and sell more cars than they ever have; by nearly double! Great job!!


As the summer begins and we are charging full speed towards the launch of EBlock, we are excited about the challenge and the benefits for our customers this new change will bring.

As we remember the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many in establishing and defending our freedoms, we are forever in your debt. We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day.

All of us at ABS look forward to serving you this week –

Steve Boyes, ABS Regional Sales Manager/South