Market Insights: Never a dull day at MAG!

October 6, 2023 | Market Insights from Brian McConkey

Hello, October and fall weather, goodbye third quarter. September was a busy and challenging month, but we sure ended it on a high note with our best MAG Now sale of the quarter. Each week brings new adventures, though! The Pacific Northwest market experienced a shake-up with ACV’s acquisition of Crosspoint in Portland, and the ongoing UAW strike has begun to choke parts supply and has a widespread impact on pricing and inventory planning for everyone.

Here at MAG Now, we’re focusing on the things we can control week by week. Our two primary goals are to expand our inventory offering and run the most efficient and simple online auction available. From UCMs to title clerks, transporters, and bank reps, you are our customers, and we’re working to make your job easier. To better serve you, we’ve recently added several people to our team – in the office, behind the scenes, out on the road, and in your dealerships.

MAG Now is growing and expanding consignment through some exciting new opportunities. Ours is one of the only digital auctions to offer an array of corporate consignment in the form of rental vehicles, lease returns, and repos. We’re just getting started, so you can expect to see much more in the coming months.

Across the Pacific Northwest, McConkey Auction Group has some big events ahead. DAA Seattle’s Fall Classic Moose Sale happens this Friday, with Open and Closed Ford sales and a Ford ARS Promotion. Next Wednesday the 11th, we celebrate MAG Alaska’s Grand Opening in Anchorage, serving up moose burgers and lots of fresh inventory – both brought to us by Aaron Dey from Continental, who has just returned from his hunt. On a more personal note, we’re also expecting to meet my baby son next week, assuming everything happens as planned. Never a dull day at MAG!

See you online and in the lanes –




Brian McConkey
General Manager, MAG Now