Market Insights: Seeing a healthy, normalized market

March 18, 2024 | Market Insights from Collin McConkey

Last week we kicked off our Join the Madness promo with some special guests — Gonzaga standout center and redshirt junior, Graham Ike and Assistant Head Coach, Brian Michaelson. We had a lot of fun doing a quick presale Q&A followed by a highly competitive, mini-basketball shootout with our dealers, emceed by Ike himself. We are bringing new activities like this to the start of our promo sales each month. So be sure to come out in person so we can shake hands and have some fun.

Our Join the Madness sale opened to a hot start, just like it has the past few weeks. We have seen a jump up in the market, stabilization in pricing, and a higher conversion rate. Retail sales are strong, and most new car stores are splitting 50/50 between new and used sales. We are excited for a healthy, normalized market.

On December 8th, in my dad’s market message, he wrote “much of the necessary pain has been suffered. I don’t see a miraculous upswing in January, but I do see prices stabilizing and demand improving throughout Q1”. I guess over 45 years of experience has bought him some wisdom, but that is exactly what we have seen over the last few weeks.

We all truly appreciate your support and partnership. We know there are a lot of wholesale options to choose from, and we are thrilled you continue to partner with us.

See you in the lanes and online —




Collin McConkey
General Manager, DAA Northwest