Market Insights: What a week!

September 26, 2023 | Market Insights from Collin McConkey

What a week!

Last week, we honored our Montana dealer friends and our long partnership history with them. Sixty-two different Montana dealerships sent us consignment to support our Montana Days promotion. Our Check-in team had over 1,100 units hit the gate between Monday and Wednesday, leading to lots of fresh product. We also saw an 80% increase in in-lane attendance; the sale day energy and buzz were contagious! Overall, it was a big sale given the current market and a much-welcomed success. Thank you to all who supported us and came out for the sale.

The UAW strike is the hot topic in the lanes, and we already feel it starting to affect the market just one week in. It seems clear that some of the U.S. late-model product will continue to increase in demand with the halt of production. However, after years of supply chain issues, we know that you, as dealers are quick to adapt and navigate these challenges. For example, it seems like we are already seeing an increase in demand for GM SUVs. No matter what short-term spike in the market this strike may have, we know that the production and sale of new cars is what fuels each automotive vertical. Rental product, Canadian imports, lease returns, trade-ins, and everything in between all start with the production of a new car.

Thank you for your committed partnership – we appreciate you.




Collin McConkey
General Manager, DAA Northwest