Market Insights: What’s Happening in Vegas is Happening at DAA

May 28, 2021 | Market Insights from DAA Las Vegas’ Joe LeMonds.

The heat has arrived here in Las Vegas, and as we’ve seen throughout our industry, demand has been at its peak for several months now. We continue to experience noticeable increases in buyer participation from the entire west coast as buyers search for inventory. Repossessions have started climbing slightly in the Southwest while off-lease and rental inventory continue with historically low volumes.

With this demand, our team is dedicated to serving our local and regional partners; we are committed to providing a truly unique buyer and seller experience. We focus on transparency and quality when it comes to inspections and reconditioning. Our dealer partners need to know that what they see is what they will get. We believe that in such critical times, the more we can help from a reconditioning aspect, the quicker buyers can get their purchases to market (more exciting news to come on this subject!).

This weekend, a contingent of the DAA Las Vegas team will host a “NASCAR Driving Experience” at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with a group of our dealer partners. This event came together through the NASCAR Days promotional event held earlier this month. Everyone in our group will have the opportunity to suit up and take on the track full-speed, in a professional racecar.

Lastly, VEGAS IS OPEN! Most, if not all major venues are now at 100% capacity. We hope that you will consider safely joining us here in the valley and that you’ll experience the MAG/DAA Las Vegas difference. We are so thankful for our local and long-distance partners who continue to travel from well outside the Vegas area every week.

Remember, what happens in Vegas, happens at DAA! See you in the lanes!

Joe LeMonds, General Manager